Best way to remove rar password!

Removing rar password. How to remove this type of password?

Concerned about the safety of our data, we try to minimize the risk of a situation in which an intruder gains access to them. For this purpose, encrypt ZIP and RAR archives with passwords. What if we forget or do not know him at all? How to crack the code in such compressed archives? Recently, in my hands fell plate, on which there were a dozen different archives containing various documents and photos. Each of them had a different password protected. While in the case of part I had trouble specifying the correct string, a few of them persistently refused access. In such a situation, definitely the easiest way to make use of some clever tool that will allow us to recover the password access to our archive. The most important is that the application is characterized by a high level of performance.


Definitely one of the most interesting proposals in this category Advanced Archive Password Recovery. It is a small application, but it has helped many a person in recovering a forgotten password, which effectively blocked access to the archive.

After installing it and running, our eyes should appear a window that looks like this at the top. How to join the action? We begin by defining the way in which the password is to be broken. The choice depends on how much it is (or can be), it’s complicated. The choice we have a number of options, but should interest us the most: predictive and bruteforce method.

The first one we use when a password is a word. In this case, the program substitutes more items from the dictionary, and then checks to see if it is correct. The effectiveness is limited only by how much has extensive vocabularies our application. AAPR offers Dictionary English-language standard.

The method of “brute force” is really the last resort. We use it when we have no idea what the password might be used, whether it consisted of a random combination of characters and numbers. The program generates a random string of characters that can fit. Element of “randomness” of course, translates into a very long life, which can deal with password recovery – and therefore “safe password” is such, and not another design.

rar password recovery

Once you decide which of the methods we choose, have little else to go to the relevant part – so click “Open” and indicate our secured archive. The application will automatically proceed to work, informing us up to date on progress.

If applications fail to recover your password, you will be informed of this special message. In addition to the password also get some information about the password recovery process.

Winrar Password Remover

Probably wondering what does the program winrar password remover. It is a program guides so that no problem will regain the lost password for your rar archive. Often there are situations in which the forgotten password you created earlier, so we can not extract the encrypted archive. With this application, it is no longer for you, no problem.

Of course, winrar password remover works only under Windows family of systems. It is installed on your system with the latest .NET bibliteki because the program requires them to function. The program itself is very intuitive, it is sufficient to indicate that you want to decrypt the file, and then select the method of decryption password. The program has several of them, of course, the most popular is predictive. Remember that time decrypting archive will always depend on the length and complexity of passwords. If a password is used for special characters this time it will be too long. According to our tests, the program coped with most moderately complicated passwords.

Winrar password recovery

The application is very easy to recovers passwords and removes protection from ZIP and RAR files created in all versions of PKZip, WinZip, RAR and WinRAR in both graphical user interface, as well as working with the command line. Flexible, optimized password recovery tool offers the best performance for recovering the most complex passwords.